Extended and Extensive

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Once again adjective forms of the same word cause confusion. The verb ‘to extend’ means to spread, to prolong or to enlarge. Therefore, if something is extended, it is spread or prolonged.

For example:

Bob asked the professor if the deadline for his paper could be  
          Extended family is traditionally the core structure of Thai
          If you pay your bills on time, your credits will be extended.

Extended can also mean longer or wider than expected.

For example:

          We had extended conversation about the third quarter budget
          The new CD contains the extended version of our old   
          South Park features an extended episode for Christmas.    

On the other hand, extensive means large in amount or scale.

For example:

The fire last night has caused extensive damage.
          This store offers an extensive range of variety of merchandise.


Extended (adj.)     spread, longer and wider than expected
Extensive (adj.)     large in amount or scale

Exercise: Extended or Extensive
Directions:  Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words.

  1. The sky train will be ________ to the new airport.
  2. London underground network is ________. It covers a huge area of Greater London.
  3. John has an ________ collection of rare DVD. He owns an ________ version of the Titanic, which is almost four hours long.
  4. Mary’s long hair is not real. She got it ________ last week.
  5. All newspapers run an ________ cover of the riot.
  6. We can take a long vacation. I have got an ________ holiday leave from work.
  7. His ________ pool of knowledge is depthless.
  8. Due to overwhelming interests received, the discussion session has been ________ to last a whole afternoon.

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