Gather and Collect

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Gather and Collect
There are several verbs that show the action of bringing something together. To use them correctly, one must learn the difference in the meaning of each word.

          ‘To gather’ can be either transitive or intransitive. As an intransitive verb, it means to come together in one place.

For example:

We had a Thai-styled dinner, with the whole family gathering around in a circle.
Everyone in the office gathered in the conference room to hear his speech.
Please gather around over here before we board the bus.

          ‘To gather’ can also mean to collect something from a wide area or to bring something together.

For example:

          The workmen are gathering strawberries for the delivery.
          The children went off to gather some flowers in the wood.
          He gathered all his strength before aiming at the target.
She quickly gathered her clothes which were scattered on the floor.

‘To collect’ has similar meaning to the verb ‘to gather’. It can mean 1) to come together or to assemble and 2) to bring something together.

For example:
          The crowd soon collect at the scene.
His job is to collect the empty glasses and dirty dishes from the dinning room.
The workmen are collecting strawberries for the delivery.
          The children went off to collect some flowers in the wood.

          We also use ‘to collect’ in the sense of obtaining specimens of something as a hobby.

For example:

          He used to collect matchboxes and beer cans.
The children collect stamps and exchange ones they don’t like with other kids.

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