People who are currently working usually want to succeed in their work and thus they eventually get promotion. Not every person can accomplish this goal. It depends on the different natures of work and different characteristics and capabilities of a particular person. Therefore, to get promotion at work, one should do at least three things--completion of assigned tasks, continuation of their further education, and participation in organization's activities.

The first thing that someone should do in order to get promotion is the completion of assigned tasks. That person should do his work perfectly. Moreover, he should finish the assigned tasks in time. In addition, he should come to work regularly. When he has some reason not to attend his work, prior notice must be delivered. Besides, he should create good of favorable relations with colleagues. Finally, he should create good of favorable relations with colleagues. Finally, he should be a good employee by willingly accepting any comments on his work.

The second thing that he should do to get promotion at work is that he should be well-informed. That is he must update changing global information relevant to his work. Furthermore, he should exchange information among the same business areas. He should rely on messages from various medias--newspapers, televisions, etc. Finally, for those who are administrators should take some short courses in order to refresh their knowledge.

The last thing that he should accomplish is participation and cooperation among numbers within organizations. He needs to attend the conferences or meetings in order to share the ideas, to acknowledge the progress and to be involved with any current problems. He should figure out any possibility for the solutions. Moreover, he should be willingly to work extra hours when there are some urgent matters. Furthermore, he should be ready to work in the provinces or temporary traveling to work in local branches.

In conclusion, the above paragraphs should explain the three factors that help the employee to get promotion at work. The first factor is that he should complete the assigned or routine tasks perfectly and on time. The second factor is that he should continue his education relevant to his position. The last factor is that he should participate or cooperate among members in his organization. These three factors will enable him to be promoted to a higher position.