Universities are places where students come to learn various courses from instructors. A good university must be able to support the learning process. It must have enough qualified instructors, many modern buildings with adequate high technology facilities, and the most of all good management.

Being a place where students come to learn, it is important that universities have enough qualified instructors for every course. Being a qualified instructor for a course requires more than having knowledge in the course. It requires having adequate teaching skills. Without adequate teaching skills, knowledge will not be transferred to the students. It is also requires having proper personalities. An instructor without appropriate personalities will be unpopular and disliked.

As for the second characteristic, a good university must have many buildings with adequate high technology facilities for students and employees. There must be enough rooms for the courses. The classrooms must be large enough and properly equipped. Libraries should have enough books and materials to accomodate the courses being taught. Since learning tasks take considerable time in a day, there also must be enough restrooms and cafeterias.

A good university, like any large organization, must have good management. There must be enough employees to handle administrative tasks. Facilities must be maintained so they can function properly, In addition, there must be adequate security to ensure the safety of university property, employees and students. And the most importance, garbage must be collected and disposed properly to prevent diseases.

In conclusion, the above paragraphs explain the characteristics of a good university. That is, it must have enough qualified instructors, enough facilities and good management. Students should become familiar with these characteristics so they can choose a good university. By selecting a good university, the learning process will be facilitated and this will help students achieve their learning goals.

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