Hope and Wish

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Hope and Wish

Hope and wish are used to express your expectation. Their meanings and usage are slightly different. When you want something, which is possible or probable to happen, we use hope.

For example:

I hope I will get a good job after I graduate.
She hopes her father gets better soon.
We all hope that our school team will win the game.
They hope the test results won't be too bad.

We use wish with something which is not true. We would like something to happen but it is rather unlikely that it will be so. Since it is not true, we use past tense or more past with wish.

For example:

I wish I had an umbrella. If I did, I wouldn't get wet. (I don't have an umbrella with me right now).
I wish I knew that you were coming. I would have prepared more food. (I don't know you were coming).
I wish I were free. I would like to go with you. (I'm not free; therefore, I can't go).
He wishes he could take back what he had said. (It's impossible to turn back time).
We wish we wouldn't have to work on Saturdays. (But we have to).

* Like in untrue conditions, we use ‘were’ with every subject.

Hope   = possible to happen (used with normal tenses
               depending on the time frame)
Wish    = unlikely to happen (used with past tense or more

Exercise: Hope and Wish
Directions: Complete the sentences with the appropriate word.

1. I _______ today were Friday.
2. We _______ we could afford a vacation abroad.
3. I _______ that one day you will understand.
4. He _______ he had more time for his daughter.
5. We _______ that Jane will do well in her exams.
6. We all _______ we didn’t have to work hard.
7. I _______ I will see you soon.
8. I _______ I could be there right now.

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