Comfortable and Convenient

Posted by Little Prince | 9:35 AM

Thai students usually get ‘convenient and comfortable’ mixed up. They have similar meanings.

Comfortable means giving comfort or ease. It is used to describe something relaxing. The noun of ‘comfortable’ is comfort.

The new sofa is comfortable.
Staying in a hotel is sometimes more comfortable than staying with a relative. (It can also be convenient.)
I don’t need to move. I’m quite comfortable here.
Most people want to be rich and dream of a comfortable life. (comfortable = free from worrries)

Something that is convenient makes your tasks or life easier. It facilitates your action. It saves time and effort. The noun is convenience.

Mobile phones make life more convenient. (not comfortable)
It’s convenient to live in a city because everything is within reach.
It’s not convenient for him to come all the way over here.

Comfortable (adj.)    = giving comfort, relaxing
Convenient (adj.)     = causing no trouble, saving time and effort

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