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The college essay should not pose a challenge if you have kept up the writing habit after leaving school. The best way to do so is to keep in touch through writing letters. Whether you write with a pen or a mouse the heart of the matter is that if you have kept your thoughts flowing through words, writing a college essay should not pose a problem. Writing involves your style and habit as well as vocabulary. You must have a rich vocabulary bank. For that be a voracious reader. There is no other way of increasing your bank balance of words.

Writing a college essay has become very important because with each passing day gaining entrance into colleges is becoming more and more difficult. The number of seats just cannot cope with the number of applicants. One of the best ways to gain entry is to write a star college essay as part of your application for admission. Usually it should consist of five hundred words. The essay must show why you are different from another. Thus admitting you will bring credit to the institution. A single college essay can be more evocative than marks and grades. It will speak for you and about you.

What will the college essay be about? You might talk about your favourite hobby, a memorable incident in your life or even about your favourite pet. The college essay must capture the attention of the reader. It must be un-put-down-able! Thus the college essay is important right from the starting point of choosing the topic to delivering the goods. Spend a lot of time, say about one to two weeks just thinking of the ideas. In this way you might come across a topic, which you had never thought of before.

Before sitting down to writing the college essay ask yourself some questions. What are your achievements? Do not just narrow it down to those that have got formal recognition – because it is not always the grades and marks that can measure your full potentiality. What seemed to be of no importance today might be the cause of your success tomorrow. In the college essay you must find out the answer to the queries that what is it that distinguishes you from another. Think about the books and movies you love. Any special work of art? Why? The questions and answers will give you the substance of your college essay. Mull over your struggles and how you have sought to overcome them. What was the key to your success or cause of failure? Out of all this will come out your approach or philosophy of life. In this way we are all distinct from one another. Unknowingly, by bringing this out in your college essay you will stand out as an individual.

A college essay is all about your dreams and hopes and what you want to make of this world. The college essay must stand out as a rose in the thorn bush.

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