Why Nature Like a Women?
Nature has been called Mother for many years. She produces and nurtures many things as her children, teaches them how to live and help themselves and preserves her original beauty.

Nature produces and cares for her children. A woman may feel that she is not complete until she mothers a child or two. No one has ever conceived of a mother without children, including Nature. Nature produced all the animals and plants in the world as her own children, feeding and protecting them. Nature without these many things would be unimaginable.

Nature teaches her children how to live and grow. After bearing many animals and plants into the world, like a true, good mother, she cannot simply abandon them. Nature teaches her young to grow and to find their own food, to prepare them for adulthood and the event that their parents can no longer support them. Women also teach and raise their children, if they truly desire and love them.

Nature remains beautiful and pure, in spite of Man. Nature looks after her image and her beauty like a woman caring for her skin and body. Despite years of land development and encroachment. Nature remain still very beautiful and pure. Many of her original features such as mountains still stand and present a majestic, untamed imaged to the viewer.
Nature and women seem to be the same thing for reasons such as childbearing and personal maintenance. Certain feminine characteristics such as these may be the reasons why men have called Nature "Mother."

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