You should think of writing as a process involving the following steps:

1. Topic sentence

2. supporting details

3. Coherence

4. Transition

5. Closing Sentence

A narrative paragraph describes an event, feeling or experience in story form or in the order the details of the event happened.

Sample of transition


because : Micheal studies hard because he want to pass the examination.

as : I could not come as it rained hard yesterday.

: As he was a fool, he refused to listen to me.

Since : Since you have worked hard, you will succeed.

seeing that : He was ill, he couldn't come to work.

(seeing that he was ill, he couldn't come to work).

due to the fact that

owing to the fact that

in view of the fact that

on account of the fact that


so that


in order that

for the purpose that

for fear that

Example :

I come to see you so that you can help me.

She comes so she sees her mother.

He took medicine for the purpose that he might recover.

I help him for fear that he failed in the exam.




even though

even if

not with standing that

Example :

He is honest, though he is poor.

Although he is stupid, he does his work wll.

I will go there, even though I have to walk all day.


as + adj + as

as + adv + as

not so + adj + as

not so + adv + as

Example :

He is as clever as you are.

John ran as fast as Billy did.

He is not so tall as I am.

He didn't write so fast as I did.

Preposition Phrase

because of

In spite of

Example :

Jane was absent from school because of his illness.

He went to class in spite of being late.