Example 2

Nowadays the global warming is the critical problems for the people around the world. Due to the climate change dramatically, it takes strong affect to the human being including animals and plants. The global warming caused by the greenhouse gases – air pollute which have been generated by human for instance from the transportation. These gases rise up to the atmosphere and trap the sun energy for escaping, thus, the global warming up every year. It is reported that the earth’s temperature has risen about 1 degree Fahrenheit in the last century. If the human’s activity still releases the greenhouse gases the earth will be get hotter and affect on economic and health definitely. The ways that we can help to suppress global warming are using sustainable energy, reuse or recycle the materials and preserve the forest including animals to maintain ecology system.

Using sustainable energy seems to be the most interesting choice to help the critical of global warming. To date the scientists conduct the research and develop new technology of sustainable energy such as using gasohol instead of fuel to reduce the air pollution from the combustion in car. The new models Japanese cars are designed to use the electricity from the self-rechargeable batteries which is the green technology for the world.

Reuse and recycle of materials such as paper, metal and plastic are the activity that everyone can help. The simply way is getting start in the house by reuse the stuff within the house for example reuse the paper by using 2-sided pages. Others are sort out the type of rubbish before the council come to collect. The sorted out stuff will be brought directly to the recycling process and produce the new one from them.

Preserving forest and animals should be issues as the law. If anyone breaks this law, they will get punishment seriously. The forest and the animals are very important to maintain the ecology system. If the forests are destroyed, flooding, storm or any danger can happen easily. That is affect strongly on both economical and healthy.

Thus, the global warming is not too far from us since now. Everyone has to help for suppressing this danger. Start from yourself and then extend to the social.