Advantages of Reading English Newspaper
Newspaper are reading materials that contain many kinds of world-wide information. In Thailand we will find many types of newspaper, but the most common ones are newspapers written in Thai or in English. Only certain groups of people read the English newspapers, such as the Bangkok Post and The Nation. These people will gain advantages in reading them. These advantages can be classified into three major groups to acquire many types of knowledge, to get informative information in daily life and to increase the reader' English knowledge.

The first advantage of reading English newspapers is to acquire many types of knowledge about the world. Both English newspapers in Thailand contain the current happenings around the world. Readers can have good opportunities to see the pictures of important persons, cities and civilizations and keep them as records for future use. Moreover, readers can read many kinds of news stories so that they will be informative and use this information in their careers of business. In addition, readers may entertain themselves from reading comics and cartoons.

The second advantage of reading English newspaper is to get many kinds of informative information in daily life. All newspapers contain many sections for readers who are interested in reading particular reading materials. For reader who like entertainments may prefer reading feature stories; however, for those who are interested in reading the other ideas may read articles on many fields; namely, economics, politics and education and so on. For those who have personal problems in their daily life may read the section of editorials. Finally, for readers who need new houses or want to buy second-hand things may find the advertisement sections useful to them.

The last advantage of reading English newspapers is to improve to readers' English knowledge and skills. Readers who practice reading everyday will acquire the improvement in both English grammatical knowledge and reading and writing skills. Moreover, since English newspapers cover many sections, readers can increase their level of current English words or vocabularies. Furthermore, readers of English newspapers are often exposed to foreign culture through the pictures and ideas which are mixed up with the usages of English language. Above all, readers often have some chances to practice and to improve their thinking skills from completion of puzzles and from reading many comics and cartoons.

In summary, the above paragraphs have discussed three advantages of reading English newspapers. The first advantages is that reader gain many types of knowledge. The second advantages is that readers will get may kinds of information in their daily life. The last advantage is that readers improve their English knowledge together with their reading and writing skills.

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