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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Example : Argumentative writing essay

Cause and Effect
Effects of Stress
Stress has become an increasing health problem nowadays. When it becomes severe, it may cause tragedy to those who have it. We can see from the news that many sad events have been associated with stress. At the same time, stress can have many effects on ordinary persons. They are physical effects, mental effects, and social effects.

As for the first effect, stress affects a person physically by increasing the blood pressure. This can cause the person to have serious headaches. High blood pressure can also affect blood vessels. If it becomes too high, the blood vessels may be broad. This could be very dangerous to the life of the person.

As for the second effect, stress can affect a person mentally. That is, it reduces a person's abiltiy to concentrate and accordingly it reduces his creatively. Unable to succeed what a person has done may cause persisting stress and that makes a person become emotionally unstable. This serious consequence could be very damaging for people whose job requires concentration, creativity, and a good mental health.

Lastly, the mental effects of stress will eventually cause social effects. As previously stated, stress causes a person to become emotionally unstable. This type of person is very hard to cope with and it will be very dangerous if our society if full of these groups of people since they may argue or fight with each other every day. In fact, coping with these persons might even cause stress. Therefore, this results in the persons being isolated from their peers.

The previous paragraphs should explain the effects of stress. In my opinion, stress may have physical effects, mental effects and social effects. These three effects may bring about restlessness and confusion among people in the society. It will be very risky to cope with or to live with people having serious stress. Thus, people with stress should try to reduce their stress by being away from hard work for a while. Others should be more considerate to those who are fighting with it. If we all cooperate, we can bring stress under control and finally we can live peachefully in our society.
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