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ตัวอย่างการเขียน essay ในวิชา EN305 (ENG3401) ม.รามคำแหง


How to Improve Environment in R.U.

Even though environment in R.U. (Huamark Campus) has been improved a lot of the last three years, there are many thing that the university should do in order to have a nice and beautiful university. These thing are: improvement of car parking space, university facilities and services.

RU is the large university and it offers levels graduate degree---an undergraduate and graduate levels. Therefore, many students must attend classes at the same time. Transportation to RU has found to be increasingly serious. There are not their own cars and they drive to school. Car parking space is so limited; thus, they park on capos roads. this causes the university areas become very crowded. The university should have a definite policy to deal with these problems.

The second thing that RU should improve is university facilities. The university cafeterias are the first thing that need improvement. most of them are too crowded, especially during lunch time. tables and seats are not clean enough and in some areas there are many files an cockroaches. the surrounding of the main cafeterias is unclean since many holes of broken sewage system too limited and many of them are normally wet owing to ever-flowing of water from the sinks.

The last thing that needs improvement is the university services. Our university has only one main library ; moreover, the facilities in there are inefficient. textbooks are not enough for the turn-over of the students to check out. The university should give more allowances to the librarians so that they can buy many new textbooks for students. Another facility, the health care center, where RU students can visit for their minor physical check up is limited in capacity to provide general health services since there Are too few doctors and nurses. consequently, most student must wait for a long time while they are sick. since good health is considered to be a major reason of university success, the rector should immediately improve this center.

In conclusion, the above paragraphs should explain the things that need improvement in RU . The first thing is the improvement of traffic and the car parking space within the campus. The second thing is that university facilities must be clean and sufficient for the turn-over of students. The final thing is about the improvement of the health center and health services. since nice and beautiful campus is everybody's admiration, the university should improve all these suggestions.

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The Characteristics of a Good Restaurant

Restaurants are becoming more important to the society nowadays. People who do not have their own kitchen are forced to eat at restaurants. The same cold be said for those with their own kitchen but without the time to cook on their own. Good restaurants can become very popular and attract many customers. These restaurants must be clean, have good services, and have reasonable prices of food.

The first characteristic is cleanness since it can provide good impression to the customers. A good restaurant must have its areas kept clean. This includes areas that are not visible to customers like the kitchen. Special care must be given to tools and materials used for preparing and serving food. A restaurant that is not kept clean can cause illness to its customers. Thus, cleanness is the most important thing for a good restaurant.

The second characteristic of a good restaurant is service. A good restaurant should provide a high level of service since most customers are hungry when they reach a restaurant and many are stressful from hard work. They want the restaurant to process orders very accurately and in a very timely matter. Moreover, they want the restaurant to prepare them delicious food. Therefore, a good restaurant should have a good cook and offer many varieties of menu. Employees should be trained in order to be courteous and willing to serve the customers.

The last characteristic of a good restaurant is reasonable prices of food. Customers normally have a reasonable price in their mind for the food they ordered and the level of service they received. Therefore, a good restaurant should also set prices based on the type of food and the level of service as well. Prices that are too high will upset the customers. On the other hand, prices that are too low might make the customer feel suspicious about the quality of the food. These problems may cause the customers not to visit again.

The above paragraphs should explain the characteristics of a good restaurant. A good restaurant must be kept clean. It should provide good food and service. Finally, it must charge a reasonable price. Regardless of reason of coming to a restaurant, one should know these characteristics when choosing a good one in order to avoid diseases and displeasures.